Secure Information Interchange Programme

The Secure Information Interchange Programme is a group of projects to link five Fire and Rescue Services in the South West to the Public Service Network (PSN).

South West Councils are contributing up to £1.129m towards the cost of the programme.

The Programme's Vision is -
"The timely, secure and cost effective sharing of information between Fire and Rescue Services and their partners to improve the safety of the community"

The programme is in four phases:-

Phase 1 (April - August 2011) - Provide each South West FRS with a gap analysis of their security and data management policies against the PSN code of connection and ISO 27001. Each FRS was provided with a costed resolution plan and detailed business case. All SW FRSs except Gloucestershire FRS subsequently decided to participate in phases 2 and 3 of the Programme

Phase 2 (September 2011 - October 2012) - Connecting each participating FRS to the Government Secure Intranet Convergence Framework (GCF) involving:-
o ICT penetration testing and implementation of corrective action plans;
o Accreditation to the Cabinet Office Security Policy Framework;
o A training and culture change programme to raise awareness and embed the principles of protective security within the FRS;
o Ensuring that each FRS complies with the Code of Connection to the GCF/GSi
o Procurement of a GCF/GSi connection and secure e mail service;
o Connecting all SW FRSs to the GCF/GSi.

Phase 3 (October 2012- May 2013) - Working with SW FRSs and partner agencies to process review, develop and pilot new business processes based on the exchange of secure data up to IL3 with external organisations, including the negotiation of data sharing agreements with external partners

Phase 4
(2013 -2014) - Connect FRSs to the Public Services Network.

A series of case studies will be published on this website during the Programme.

The Programme is being overseen by a programme board chaired by Darran Gunter, CFO of Dorset FRS. All SW FRSs are represented on the programme board. Aristi Limited is providing technical support to the programme.

Further information can be found in the Programme Initiation Document

For further information - contact Graham Saunders on 0117 926 2061 ext 286 or 07715 910 233.