Operations and resilience workstream

The workstream consist of three sub-workstreams: Operations, Resilience and Health & Safety all with nominated lead officers. There is a small number of standing working groups along with ‘Task and Finish' groups established where necessary. Details of the membership of the workstream can be found here [link].

The governance arrangements for this workstream exists through a programme board that is representative of each workstream lead, each fire and rescue service and regional representatives from the National Resilience Team. The workstream, by its very nature, has a broad range of activities, the planning for which, timescales and milestones are determined by the Lead Officers.
The workstream also has close links with CFOA national committees, the SW Strategic Planning (Performance Management) workstream, the Climate Change Workstream, Regional Resilience Forum, Local Resilience Forums and the National Resilience Team.
The aim of the Workstream over the next three years is to develop a co-ordinated, resilient approach to service delivery requirements on behalf of the region, supporting our legal obligations in a manner that is beneficial to each Fire & Rescue Authority. This work will consider the activities and priorities of the FRS National Framework 2008 -11, Local and Regional Resilience Fora and other emerging issues and publications over the period.
The key priorities for the workstream include:
• Support Regional network of CBRN Gold/Silver Commanders;
• Development of Mutual Aid arrangements for the sharing of assets such as special appliances;
• Development of a regional framework in support of service delivery arrangements;
• Development of Key performance Indicators for Health and Safety.
• Scope Environmental Impact for fire ground operations linked to Carbon reduction;
• Consider the potential overlap between the operational policies review, RCC convergence work and the scope to standardise PDAs.

Copies of Workstream papers can be found here.