Human Resources, Management and Development Workstream

This is a well-established workstream with a record of successful collaboration.  Members of the workstream come from primarily HR and Development posts, and the work is carried out across a number of sub-workstream groups:-HR Practitioners,

  • Employee Development,
  • Retain Duty System Networking Group.
  • ADC Forum
  • e-recruitment (project specific team)

The Workstream is led by Jerry O'Brien, Deputy Chief Fire Officer from Avon, and supported by a part time Regional HR Programme Manager (Kate Mackay

The Workstream's priorities for 2010/11 include: -

  • Supporting the FRS' as they deliver efficiencies in new financial climate by  pro-actively sharing experience and best practice.
  • e-recruitment. Implement an e-recruitment system across 5 services within the region
  • Assessment Development Centres (ADCs): Review options and make recommendations for increasing cost effectiveness of the ADC process, whilst maintaining the integrity of the process.
  • Continued implementation of the ‘right to apply' policy across the region, supporting FRS as they move through implementation.


Workstream Leader - Jerry O'Brien
Deputy Workstream Leader - Maggie Harte
Regional HR Programme Manager - Kate Mackay
Employee Development- Jim Mahoney
Human Resources Practitioners - Kate Mackay
RDS Networking Group - Pete Smith
ADC Forum - Kate Mackay
E-recruitment - Kate Mackay