Finance, ITC, and procurement workstream

The workstream consists of five sub-committees: Procurement, Technical Services and Logistics (TSL), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Property and Estates and Finance. Details of the membership of the workstream can be found here [link].

Most SWFRSs employ specialist procurement officers, who are either fully qualified or studying for a professional procurement qualification. Local procurement officers work on a mixture of local and regional projects. The Regional Procurement Manager, who acts as lead professional and advisor to all procurement officers in the region, directs the programme of regional procurements and improvements and is now supported by a Regional Procurement Officer.

Procurement in the South West is a success story and has gained national recognition. The region has employed a Regional Procurement Manager since January 2004 and a number of local procurement officers have achieved professional qualifications in both procurement and project management. The procurement work programme aims to build on this success, by: -
• Directing and leading regional procurements on behalf of other workstreams and sub-committees;
• Continuous improvement of procurement practices at the regional and local level;
• Organising procurement training for elected members, senior members, procurement practitioners and non-procurement staff through APPFS.
• Introducing and developing e-procurement tools across the region.
• Supporting authorities in adoption and implementation of contracts that have been negotiated regionally and nationally.
• Advising services on changing case law and legislation.

The workstream's priorities for 2009-10 include: -

• Deliver the projects agreed in the procurement work programme (PWP); i.e.: Workwear, e-recruitment, training MIS, fire safety training.
• Deliver the regional procurement improvement programme (PIP); i.e.: training, equalities and diversity, e-procurement, performance management, sustainability.
• Review and update regional procurement strategy following publication of national procurement strategy
• Develop and deliver within the region procurement training in association with the APPFS.
• Meet the procurement elements of "achieving" status of Equality Framework for Local Government.
• Develop a regional sustainable procurement policy;
• Meet the procurement elements of the proposed regional climate change strategy.
• Consider the options for collaboration in the procurement and maintenance of vehicles and associated equipment

Copies of Workstream papers can be found here.