Community Safety workstream

The Workstream consists of two sub-workstreams: Prevention and Protection supported by task and finish groups as and when required.

The Prevention sub-workstream covers: domestic safety, deliberate fire setting and other fire reduction initiatives, youth development and children's' education, partnership working; and road safety education. 

The Protection  sub-workstream covers: the Regulatory Reform Order concentrating on fire engineering, investigation, technical information and specialist staff skills development.

The focus of the workstream in 2010/11 is to provide an environment in which community safety, technical fire safety and partnership managers can develop, share, implement and evaluate a broad spectrum of good practice.

Key projects include:-

  • Domestic Safety - produce and publish a library of toolkits
  • Fire Safety Enforcement - share best practice and build a library of policies
  • Education - Analysis and production of teaching materials that FRS can support schools deliver key stages, Foundation1,2,3 of the 2008 National Curriculum
  • Early Learning Fire Safety (elfs) - production of teaching and multi media materials for pre-school children
  • Safeguarding - analysis of the potential opportunities for regional and sub-regional collaboration on safeguarding issues.
  • Older Persons - review the National CFOA Older Persons Strategy and make recommendations on how best to implement it regionally, including working with Age UK
  • Operational Assurance of Prevention activities - share best practice and lessons learnt
  • Specialist Fire Safety Training Call-off contract
  • Prosecution procedures - Scope the opportunities for a regional team.

Contacts and FRS representation

Workstream Leader - Paul Walker (Cornwall FRS)
Deputy Workstream Leader - Sarah Gardner (Glous FRS)
Elected member champion - Councillor Phil Tucker (Cornwall Council)
Prevention Sub-workstream - Chris Hartrick (Wilts FRS)
Protection Sub-workstream - Craig Baker (Dorset FRS)
Avon FRS - Dave Salmon
Devon and Somerset FRS - Nick Manning