Climate change workstream

Climate change presents a wide range of challenges for the Fire and Rescue Service. These challenges can be divided into mitigation and adaption activities. The scope of these challenges cut across all aspects of the Fire and Rescue Service.

All South West FRSs took part in the Carbon Trust's Local Authority Carbon Management Programme and have taken a collaborative approach to developing their Carbon Management Plans covering the period 2009-10 to 2013-14.  The plans target a significant reduction in emissions over the next four years (up to 30%) which will also deliver cumulative savings of £6 million across the region (when compared to doing nothing to limit emissions and the predicted cost increases for energy and fuel over this period). A copy of each FRS' Carbon Management Plan can be found here.

Improvement actions have already been implemented by SW FRS include energy monitoring and targeting, energy efficient lighting and control installations, more efficient heating systems, insulation, staff training and engagement and reviews of fleet and transport. Best practice case studies can be found here.  

The collaborative programme for 2010-11 focuses on: - 

  • Collaborative procurement including heating systems, lighting and renewable energy technologies;
  • Support the Procurement Workstream to implement the Sustainable Procurement
  • Benchmarking - Improve data quality. Complete the benchmarking of buildings, fleet and water to include contextualisation. Develop a business case for the purchase of a common software platform to produce benchmarking reports automatically from all automated meter reading (AMR) data;
  • Support and influence other Workstreams to ensure that climate change and sustainability are embedded into their work programmes where there is a sound business case to do so;
  • Adoption of a sustainability assessment toolkit (based on the Sustainability South West "SustNav" guidance) for FRSs and workstreams.
  • Renewable energy - Develop a strategy for the adoption of renewable energy technologies by FRSs including a target for renewable energy generation.

A copy of the Climate Change Annual Report to the RMB can be found here.


Last Updated - 21 June 2010